Upcoming Meets

PVJ Winter Series 2019

January - 20th

February - 3rd  Pole Vault is CANCELLED, Throws is CANCELLED; High jump is CANCELLED

February 17th

March 3rd / 17th


Club Members - (FT, 1 and 2 x a week ) Free

NON Club Members - $20 per event

***IESA and IHSA rules regarding in season participants***

MIDDLE SCHOOL - An athlete may compete in events so long as they do not represent their school. Once your season has begun (check with your coach or the IESA calendar) you have to let your school coach know you are going to participate in a competition.

HIGH SCHOOL - From the IHSA website - Before your season starts (the school has a practice or tryout with any number of athletes) athletes could compete for their club, or unattached, and would not use one of their 3 open competitions. Once the school has triggered the start of the season athletes have 7 days to become “unattached” and any open competitions from that point on would count against their 3 allowable open events. During the regular season, the IHSA athlete can compete in up to 3 meets as an unattached individual as long as the meet is sanctioned by USATF and the IHSA has signed off on the “Non-school Participation Request Form” submitted by the student athlete’s school. You get the form from your school or download/print it from here.

COMPETING IN COLLEGE MEETS - During the off-season, a track and field athlete can compete in an open meet held on a college campus as long as all competitors there are competing as unattached participants.  If there are college athletes there (even a single college athlete) competing as a member of their college team, then the IHSA athlete would be in violation of By-law 3.105. 

A Competition Waiver is always required

Club meets are sanctioned by the USA Track and Field Organization.  This requires a signed waiver from the participant or a guardian in the case of when the athlete is under the age of 18.

Waiver for minors

Waiver for adults