How to join P.V. Junkies

Athletes must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times during practice sessions. 

Contact Bryan Carrel for more information.


Eligible club members: - Must be a current member of USATF

Please complete our online club application form below prior to your first practice.  There is not an automatic response immediately upon filling out the form.  The application list is reviewed every couple days and we will send you a confirmation e-mail once it is received.   

A collection of club poles will be available, however, it is recommended that you bring what you will use to compete on during the season, if your high school coach will allow it. Please MARK any pole (s) you bring for identification.

Pricing:  Club members can split time between any event we offer.

Please note our membership levels are per calendar month and do not transfer over to another month.  

Level 1:  Full time:   $150 per calendar month, sibling $100 per calendar month

Level 2:  8 practices per calendar month:  $130 per calendar month, sibling $90 per calendar month (any subsequent visits after the 8, within the calendar month, the walk-in fee applies per visit.)

Level 3:  4 practices per calendar month:  $100 per calendar month, sibling $80 per calendar month (any subsequent visits after the 4, within the calendar month, the walk-in fee applies per visit)

Clinic/walk in/pay as you go - $30 per visit on weekdays/$15 for sibling; $40 per visit on Sunday/$20 for sibling. 

** 2 hour day clinics are held every Sunday in conjunction with normal club practice. You must register in advance to attend.

Please email for details and availability**

Club Application

PAYMENT: Cash or Check made payable to P.V. Junkies Vault Club. You MUST be registered with USATF (and provide proof of membership) and be paid in full to participate.
Parent/Guardian Contact Info

I have read and hereby accept the conditions described in this brochure. I grant permission for emergency medical treatment of my son/daughter by competent medical personnel during camp activities.

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